At Grow in Peace Farm, it was our desire is to live a more sustainable, natural, simple life. Our business, Grow in Peace Farm – Herbal Apothecary grew out of this desire.

We are located in the “quiet corner” of Connecticut in the town of Plainfield. Here we craft handmade soaps, bath salts, bath teas and salves using 100% all natural plant based ingredients, (often adding herbs grown in our own organic garden). Most of our products are vegan (our salves have beeswax) and we choose to be palm oil free because it’s better for the planet.

We use a balanced combination of ingredients to produce soaps with a rich lather that are skin nourishing and mild. We use only 100% all natural essential oils that are of the highest quality. We love that the varying colors of our soaps occur naturally as a result of adding herbs and other beneficial plant based ingredients. We don’t believe in adding colorants to our products…besides, we think natural is best. We hope you agree.

Most of our soaps contain the following:

*** 100% All Natural Ingredients***

~Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is moisturizing and contributes to a quick, fluffy lather. Coconut oil possesses antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil’s benefits for acne range from helping to kill acne causing infections, to decreasing the look of acne scars and possibly helping to prevent new ones. It is also thought to alleviate inflammation caused by severe acne.

~Olive Oil: Olive oil acts as a moisturizer that forms a “breathable” layer on the skin, preventing loss of internal moisture.

~Shea Butter: Shea butter is highly emollient, meaning that it has the ability to soften and sooth your skin. This property makes it a great choice for dry, damage and mature skin. It also is a good choice for those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema and acne.

~Castor Oil: Castor oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the skin and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which can soften and hydrate the skin. It also acts as a humectant by attracting and retaining moisture to the skin.

~Avocado Oil: Avocado Oil soap is a very nourishing soap. This is because avocado oil heals skin. It is anti-ageing, cancer fighting, UV protecting.

~Sunflower Oil: Suitable for all skin types, this oil is especially helpful in repairing dry, weather damaged skin.Once applied to the skin, it provides a protective barrier that holds in moisture and improves the skins appearance.

Homemade soaps should be allowed to dry between uses. Allowing your Homemade Soap to drain well on a slotted soap dish will ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

✓ All Natural Ingredients
✓ No Chemicals or Detergents
✓ Paraben, Phthalate & Sulfate Free
✓ No Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes
✓ No Preservatives
✓ Vegan (No Animal Products Used)
✓ Cruelty Free (Not Tested on Animals)
✓ Palm Oil Free

F A Q :

What makes Our Handmade Soap “all-natural”?

All of the ingredients I use in my soap come from natural plant-based sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs.  I don’t use artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or detergents in any of my soaps. Many handmade soap companies add brightly colored dyes and artificial fragrances to their soaps, but I think soap is better without all that. Instead, I use natural essential oils to scent the soaps, and let the herbs, spices, coffee and nourishing  extras like honey give the soaps their natural colors. 

So why is “all-natural” better? Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it absorbs whatever you put on it – not such great news if you’re using products loaded with dyes, preservatives and chemical fragrances!  Natural products work with your skin, keeping it healthy, beautiful, and functioning at its best.

Dandelion Soaps
Dandelion Soaps

How are essential oils different from fragrance oils?

Essential oils are natural, fragrant, therapeutic botanical oils that come directly from plants, flowers, herbs, spices, and fruits. To make essential oils, large quantities of fresh flowers, leaves, and other fragrant plant material (such as citrus peels or cinnamon bark) are pressed or steam distilled to release their natural oils. Essential oils contribute clean beautiful scents to our soaps, but they also carry the healing properties and skin care benefits of the plants themselves. To learn more about natural essential oils, read Our Ingredients.

Fragrance oils are synthetically produced chemical compounds. While fragrance oils are available in an endless array of scents, they not only add zero skin care benefits to the soap, they often irritate sensitive skin and noses, and they can dry out your skin. Most fragrances contain chemical stablizers called phthalates, which are shown to have harmful effects even with relatively low levels of use.


 How is handmade soap different from store-bought soap?

Handmade Natural Soap

As a handmade soap maker one of the questions I get asked most frequently is what the difference between store bought and handmade soap is.  My answer is simple. One of them is soap and the other is not.  I’m sure that right about now you are shaking your head in confusion, right? Well, let me explain. By definition, soap is made by a reaction (called saponification) between caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) or caustic potash (potassium hydroxide) with animal and/or vegetable fats (oils). This is the method of Soapmaking used by handmade soap makers. Handmade soap utilizes this simple process to form glycerin, a naturally occurring byproduct created during the saponification process. Glycerin is super good for your skin because it is a humectant which means it draws moisture from the air and onto your skin, helping to soften and moisturize.

Commercially Produced ‘Soap’

Store bought soaps are actually  Synthetic soaps (called detergents) containing petrochemicals and are made from petroleum-based products, while some heavy soaps (made from lead, zinc, or other heavy-metal compounds) are water-insoluble and are used mainly in lubricating greases. Commercially produced soap also contain parabens, otherwise known as chemical preservatives and are found in a majority of beauty products. As if these aren’t bad enough, commercially produced soaps contain phthalates which have been known to cause cancer.

Herbal Soaps
100% All Natural Herbal Soaps

Is your handmade soap good for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Handmade soap is gentle. Our Handmade Soap is a wonderful choice for sensitive or easily irritated skin. They are naturally gentle and do not contain any of the chemical additives that are often responsible for skin irritation. I would recommend an oatmeal soap if your skin is easily irritated.   Even people with excema or psoriasis can usually use handmade soap without any problems.


 What are your most popular soaps ?

All of them! I make eleven different kinds of soap: Cinnamon with Coconut Milk and Oats (loved by many), Sweet Orange Calendula, Lemongrass & Ginger, Cedarwood and Sage, Patchouli, Lavender, Lavender Oat, Autumn Spice, Dandelion, Rosemary Mint, & Double Mint. The 2 very top-selling soaps are Lavender and Lemongrass & Ginger.


 How long does a bar of soap last?

A full sized bar of my handmade soap will last anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on use. Because there is lots of natural glycerin in handmade soap, and because there’s no synthetic chemicals to act as hardening agents, handmade soap is usually a little softer than store-bought soap, but with proper care it will last even longer than regular soaps. If you use it in the shower (which I highly recommend!), be sure to keep it on a ledge where it stays dry between uses.

Or, purchase a Bath Bundle that comes with a natural pine soap dish.  These allow our soaps to drain and dry between usage, helping it to last longer.

Gift Sets
Bath Bundle Gift Set